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Photos taken by Mr. Peter Mansfield

-from rooftop of St. Martin de Porres Marianist School

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Daily Readings from USCCB

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to my medical fund thus far. I found out my initial campaign (not run by me) has been shut down for an unknown reason. The first campaign helped cover my household bills from missed work, as well as smaller hospital bills. This new campaign is set up in hopes of paying back some of the $90k+ I owe as of now. (This is only one of the two surgeries I have had so far.) It is very possible I will have to claim bankruptcy if I cannot make a good dent. That is a very frightening thought as a single parent. For those of you who either have donated already, or cannot afford to, please do not feel obligated. I ask for prayers for myself and for my family. It has been a very rough couple of months. The new link is You can also leave donations at the Parish Center. Every little bit helps, and has helped. God bless and thank you so much. St. Martha’s has been incredible with your generosity. ~Elissa Hanson, Music Director

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